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Vampire Wit

“No…” I felt my eyes tear up and my heart beat speed. This was it for me. I fell to my knees. “Please…I can’t. I don’t wanna go there. I’d rather die…” The last part came out a whisper as the tears fell. It was strange. The smile he gave…I’d have to be crazy to think it was kind. A kind smile from a vampire to a human…it had to be a trick, or my mind snapped from the fear.

“I was telling the truth. I’m sorry I had to chase you here, but I didn’t want anyone else to find you and you don’t seem to want to listen.” He took a step forward; my eyes widened a bit and he let out a soft sigh. “Really, you should calm down. I won’t hurt you.”
I sat up a bit, my back against a wall, “How do I know that?”
He sat down where he was, “Let’s talk. I don’t think it’s very safe to stay here long…but if it will help calm you down.” He gave a shrug.
I looked around a bit, “I don’t wanna stay here…can we…”
“Would you feel better back at the tree line?”
I nodded but found I couldn’t get myself to stand up; on the other hand, he had no problem with it. He had gotten up and was heading to me. Each step seemed careful, like he didn’t want to move too fast…like when you try and get a stray dog or cat to trust you enough to pet it. Is that what I am? A stray?
He came over and held his hand out to me, “I know a safe spot and it’s at the tree line.”
I took his hand and he pulled me up easily, “This should be where I say I wanna go home…”
“You don’t have anywhere, do you? No group?”
“I’m on my own…a stray.” He was keeping me up as we walked; all the running had me weak. “Why don’t you wanna hurt me?”
“I think it isn’t right. Don’t get me wrong, you humans taste the best. I’ve just found a nicer way of feeding myself.”
I was walking more on my own now but…didn’t find myself in as much of a hurry to get away from him. “Kaylia.”
He gave me a smile, just barely showing off his fangs, “Wit.”
“So…how do you…”
“I help humans. I take them supplies, save ones like you, keep the groups safe. In return, without my having to have asked, they supply me with blood.”
“Is that your plan? Take me to one of them?” Once we made it to the woods we went in a few feet and found somewhere to sit.
“You’re a lot calmer. Your heart beat is more normal.”
“You could have gotten me long ago…and…I don’t know. ..Is your plan to take me to a group you have saved?”
He chuckled, “You sound like you don’t want to go.”
“I don’t. I’m fine getting by my way.”
“And what if it’s not me who finds you next time you make a run into the city area?”
“I… Is there a plan C?”
“It may or may not be as safe. But you could live with me. I can help keep you safe.”
“Are you kidding?”
“No. I can’t tell what it is…but you seem interesting.”
“That’s the reason I should pick up and go live in the vampire city in a vampire’s house?”
He smiled, “It sounds crazy said like that.”
“What would be the point? It would be just as dangerous for you to be found keeping a human.”
“We can make a deal. You get to live in my house where I can watch out for you and keep you safe and… What do you want your end of the deal to be?”
“I don’t really have much…except…blood. I can be your blood. You wouldn’t have to wait for your supply. Would that work?”
“Hmmmm…” He reached up and ran a hand through his hair. “That sounds good.”
“Does it hurt?”
“Hurt?” he raised a brow at me, “Does what hurt?”
“When you bite, take blood, does it hurt?”
He took a deep breath and seemed to be thinking, “Mmmmm… You don’t have to do it that way.”
I tilted my head, “I thought-”
“They draw blood from people in the groups that are willing and I pick them up on times I’m out helping. Like a trade.”
“I wouldn’t mind. It would make my side of the deal better right?”
His eyes seemed to brighten, “It would. It would make it a lot better.”
“You miss the bite, don’t you?”
He gave a smirk, “It wouldn’t creep you out to hear the answer?”
I thought for a second, “No. I don’t know why but I’m starting to trust you.”
“I do miss the bite; being able to feel the pulse from a heart pumping hot blood. Having the proof right in my arms that my meal is alive and fresh and willing to give just a part of their life to give me strength. Keeping me alive…” He was looking off and seemed a bit spaced, and then he shook his head a bit and looked back to me. “But I promise it only hurts for the people who struggle and I’ve never lost control of myself. I would never take more than I need or more than you can handle. If you just relax the most you get is a pinch. But you really don’t have to.”
“Is that trying to talk me into it? Cause I’ve already said I would.”
“So it’s a deal? You will live with me and you REALLY don’t mind…if I…” He gave a big grin, flashing his fangs, “bite?”
“Now you’re TRYING to creep me out.  …It’s a deal.”
“Well then. Let’s grab any stuff you have and head to your new home.”
“My stuff is far. I live—lived way out deep in the woods. No one goes out there and I have everything I need.”
He helped me back up and smirked, “We’ll be there and back in no time.” He scooped me up and took off into a run. “So what am I looking for?”
I gasped as he picked me up, “I… Umm look for a river. It’s way out and then you just follow it deeper into the woods. I’m sure you’ll know when you’re there.” I looked out then gave a soft moan, closed my eyes and moved my head to burry my face in his shoulder.
He gave a soft chuckle, “Motion sick?”
“I guess. I’m fine if I don’t try and look around.” I moved my arm up to his shoulder for a better hold. I guess I really didn’t like the speed.
“So. If you have everything you need and are so far out of the hunt zone, why where you in the city?” He held me closer to himself when he had felt me tighten my hold.
“I was..looking for a friend.”